Donating to Rob – A Callout to Sangha

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Donating to Rob – A Callout to Sangha

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Dear friends,
Rob is now coming to the end of the 6 months of chemotherapy offered for pancreatic cancer through the NHS. It is clear that the NHS is unable to cover any further treatment at this point so we have been comprehensively exploring the other options that are available to him.
The experts we have spoken to recognise that there is a great deal of uncertainty when it comes to what is effective in treating pancreatic cancer. What is clear, is that the prognosis from doing just chemo is poor. However, there are promising experimental treatments for this illness out there, not currently offered by the NHS, which the experts we have spoken to strongly recommend Rob try out. Prescriptions, consultations, and lab tests carried out outside the NHS are however – perhaps unsurprisingly – very expensive. So having chosen to pursue these lines of treatment Rob will now be facing steep medical bills that vastly exceed his present financial capacity. He has also reached the stage of having to renew his rent agreements for another year and of course continues to incur everyday living expenses.

Naturally we wish to appeal to this wide community of friends and students for help with these expenses (there are 300+ people on the mailing list for this website for anyone wondering!). Together we can hopefully raise enough money to make these treatments feasible for Rob, and prevent day-to-day worries about how to cover these various costs. 
To give an idea of the type of money we are talking about, Rob will be looking at monthly bills of around £4500 given the present conditions. These costs are not insignificant and it feels important to say that no expectation comes with this appeal. We have chosen to be open about Rob’s situation because we are aware that some people are in a position of both wishing to and being able to give generously, and of wanting to know the sort of figures we are dealing with. It goes without saying, especially given the size of this community, that small donations are also greatly appreciated and soon add up. Together we can hopefully make this work 🙂

On a practical note we have been comparing the various fundraising websites and payment methods available to make this as simple as possible. Sadly the fees that most sites charge mean they are not ideal channels. It seems the best way to give Rob all we can is to continue using PayPal or direct bank transfers, and details can be found below on how to donate in these ways. We are unable to set up a Direct Debit from our side but if you wish to donate at regular intervals you can yourselves ask your bank to pay a standing order to Rob’s account.

We also want to flag that we may need to raise a sizeable one-off lump sum in the near future, should particular other treatments become relevant. We don’t know whether this will be the case or not, and we are aware that the amounts involved may only be realistic for a small handful of people. If you feel you may be able to support something larger please feel free to contact me at

Please also feel free to share this with the wider sangha and others who might like to support Rob. Rob’s future health and the possible outcomes of these treatments remain uncertain of course, but we can use this opportunity to do and offer what we can.

With love and gratitude,
Mark (on behalf of us all)

  • If you wish to make a bank transfer yourself, the details for the account are as follows:
Bank Name: The Co-operative Bank Account holder: R J BURBEA
Sort Code: 08-93-00 Account holder address: Gaia House
Account Number: 89496800   West Ogwell
IBAN: GB91 CPBK 0893 0089 4968 00   Newton Abbot
  • If you wish to set up a regular donation the best way is to start a standing order. This can usually be done through your internet banking site using the details above, or else in person at your bank. Using the PayPal button below also allows for a regular donation, but charges will be added.
  • If you have a PayPal account you can choose to send money to ‘friends and family’ using the email address The other option when sending money says ‘for goods and services’ but using this option incurs fees. As long as the funds come straight from your account, or the bank account linked to it, sending money to ‘friends and family’ will not encounter any charges if sent from within the UK (from outside the UK the charge is minimal).
  • The PayPal button below will allow payments via your PayPal account as well by credit/debit card, but a charge of up to 5% will be taken from the amount donated. This button also allows you to set up a regular donation.
  • Alternatively if you’re outside the UK it seems is a very good way to transfer funds. It requires a little more time to set up than PayPal but doesn’t charge fees either for the transfer or the currency exchange. Other good options are Currencyfair and Transferwise – you can find a useful comparison of these two services here.

Thank you all!

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